Theme: Anonymous

Another excellent theme night at the Stills Democratic Camera Club, so another post to show off about it. This time the theme was Anonymous.

The twist was that we had to submit our image anonymously (see what we did there) to be placed on the wall by someone else and discussed without knowing who created it. We could also supply some words to be read out to explain our interpretation of the theme to get the discussion going.

So I did an A4 print of this image, entitled #ohmygoditsfullofstars because I like my pop culture sci-fi references to be somewhat highbrow.


I saw the accompanying notes as a good excuse to get creative, and as I like to write my poetry with other people’s words I found some suitable quotations;

Anonymous (adjective); Lacking individuality, unique character or distinction

– x –

A man said to the universe

“Sir, I exist!”

“However” the universe replied

“The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation”

– Stephen Crane

– x –

“The stars light a sky on a galaxy of emptiness tonight”

– Beth Orton

I guess what I was going for was anonymous in the sense of indistinct or not standing out, something which can be wholly scale dependant. When presented with the majesty of night sky in such a state as this it struck me quite clearly that we humans do have rather an inflated sense of self worth when it comes to our place in all of existence.

I think it is an evolutionary thing, would we ever have harnessed fire or invented language if we were unable to shut out the crushing weight of our overall insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

My quotations were chosen to emphasise this view and I was quite pleased with my work (not that I’m prone to congratulating myself or anything…)

About the photo – I took this on a camp site near Ullapool a few weeks ago. I went as wide as I could go, cranked the ISO up to 3200, set 20 seconds of exposure to minimise streaking the stars due to the earth’s rotation, and just let the D800 do it’s seeing in the dark thing. The raw file had 2 stops of exposure pulled out of it and while there is a decent amount of noise buried in there the overall effect is everything I was hoping for.

So there we go, a slightly less literal interpretation of the theme this time (after using a picture of a door for the Threshold theme!).


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