Theme: Threshold

The third post in a row, blimey I’m motivated this month. This one is about shooting images for a fixed theme.

I recently got involved with the Stills Democratic Camera Club in Edinburgh, a great bunch of people who hold a monthly meeting to share and critique images and generally chat about interesting stuff. Each month has a theme and so I’m going to post my chosen image here each month after the meeting to share a bit of the insight I’m trying to gain into my art.

The August theme was Threshold.

Turns out I take a lot of pictures of doors, so this theme was one I interpreted rather literally with a picture of a door.

My style of photography has quite often been about finding the beauty in the banal. I think that is why I favour black and white as even a simple subject can become a riot of texture and tones once rendered on lovely, lovely Tri-X (other brands are available).

I hand printed and framed my actual image (at 16×12, about the limit I could push a 35mm frame) and it now hangs on my wall, but the version pictured below is cropped and adjusted to get as close to the real print as I can.


I shot this image early one Sunday morning in the centre of Edinburgh while exploring with my camera. It jumped out at me from all my other images because of the details. The door is slightly ajar, and the light that is on in the window above reveals the hint of an interior behind. The doorway forms a threshold between the pubic and the private, between the known and that which is only glimpsed. I think this is much more intriguing than a simple shot of a closed door (or which I have a great many).

Stepping back and looking at the image as a whole there is also a further layer of transition taking place. The doorway is situated at the point where the road goes underneath a tunnel, creating a transition threshold from light to dark across the image.

I’m really pleased with the way the image works (continuing my season of self-congratulation!), especially as I had previously favoured a different composition of the doorway that in hindsight is clearly not as effective.

So there it is, that’s my image and the thought that went into creating it.

Why not post a link below to an image of your own on this theme. That seems to be a thing people do these days.


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