Camera Clubbing – Cammo Estate

What’s this? a New Blog Post? You bet your donkey it is! I’ve been out taking pictures again and good things happened, so my recent ‘manyana’ blogging slackness is being kicked into shape.

My search for like-minded souls has lead me to an Edinburgh based camera club and, more specifically, the grounds of a grand but rather rundown estate on the outskirts of the city for some film photography fun. There was a bit of a medium format theme, so I went along with my trusty Bronica and my new Fuji GW (more on that next post) and a pocket full of film.


The Cammo estate is a place I’d heard of but never been, and it’s surprisingly brilliant for us fans of the whole bits-of-old-stone-buildings-with-trees-growing-through-them aesthetic that seems to always work so well on black and white film. I shot clean through three rolls of film, most of which occurred when I found the overgrown stable block into which the sunlight was streaming just-so.


I’ve been enjoying a darkroom renaissance recently, printing real actual photographs, which doesn’t exactly make for captivating blogging, so I worked this set up through the scanner and Lightroom – although I think a couple of these will make it to 16×12 inch framed prints for the wall before too long. I think printing In Real Life has thankfully ebbed my love for the split toning slider in Lightroom as these are a bit more natural than some of my recent work. Time was spend on balancing contrast with shadows and highlights rather than deciding how much sepia was too much.


I’ve been looking at these images for a couple of days now and I’m pretty happy with them to be honest (not that one is prone to self-congratulation). The quality of the subject matter is a big reminder of the hidden wonders that litter this fine land of ours, and given my recent stream of fairly samey city centre architectural images it’s a big reminder to me to be a bit more adventurous.


Going out shooting with other people was great, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s pictures to see what they saw. I’ve done a lot of solitary photography over the last couple of years and it’s been hard staying motivated (hence all the camera buying!). But having a group of people to shoot with and to present my work to is pretty awesome. The club runs a theme a month through the year, so I’m going to try and post after each one with my work and the thinking behind it. It might be interesting, it might be the mindless ramblings of a talentless hack, but either way this is my blog so tough.

I’ll post about my new Fuji GW next time and that’ll have a few of the 6×9 images from this same trip. 6×9 – negatives you could literally figuratively fall in to. Lovely.

So here is to meeting new people with new ideas and new perspectives.

And in particular, to Art and Ice-cream on a Sunday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Camera Clubbing – Cammo Estate”

    1. Thanks! I was trying really hard to capture the movement in the first shot, so i’m glad it came though in the final image.

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