Subject matters: That bridge again…

I’ve been quiet of late, mainly due to the nice weather presenting me with many, many opportunities for not being sat at my computer. But now it’s raining again. I take a lot of pictures of a certain Big Red Bridge. Usually from the same spot each time (in the name of testing cameras) so I thought I’d try a new angle and have a nose around the northern end of the bridge.


From this end you can get right under the structure and make some interesting compositions. Shooting with me D800 and the 16-35 lens means I get super wide angles and massive resolution to maintain a large amount of detail. At full resolution you can literally count the rivets in the ironwork, ifs hat is the kind of thing that you like.


I tried to balance the composition to find some level of harmony in all the busyness. A lot of strong diagonals tend to lead the eye around the frame so it is important to put something in there to act as a rest stop. In the image above my eye tends to rest on the red hut in the centre right of the frame. I put it there deliberately as a static point within the swoopy latticework of iron around it.


I processed these images to be bold and contrasty with an emphasis on the surface detail of the elements of the bridge. There are patterns within patterns and the closer you look the more layers you see, right down to the pattern of the different pieces of metal plate that make up the elements, and lines of rivets that hold those plates together. There is a uniformity to the chaos that you see close-up that I find very pleasing.

The bright sunlight was a challenge to expose for as the red paint of the bridge is a dark tone that makes it easy to end up with a silhouette. I only tried one shot directly into the sun (above) and it ended up being quite interesting as I had to torture the raw file quite a bit to mash it down into a decent tonal range which resulted in a very bold image with a strong 3D effect on the big tubes of the bridge.


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