FP4+ in the old town

There is no grand idea behind this post, it’s just some pictures I took.

I bought a new old lens for my Nikon F to celebrate finishing some studying that was taking up all my valuable photographic time. A Nikon 24mm f2.8 AIS that has the requisite ‘bunny ears’ metal tab that talks to the light meter sat atop the prism of the Nikon F. It’s a lovely bit of glass and although it may not be quite the same vintage as the camera, it has nice modern things like multi-coating that make my very happy.


I even scored a screw-in metal lens hood with it that gives it a nice old skool look.


The philosophy of the F is that the body is a simple, reliable, rugged camera that can stop a bullet with a fiendishly complicated electro-mechanical (optional) metering head that sits on top and breaks as soon as you look at it.

Anyway, lets go to the video tape, as they say, with some freshly processed and scanned Ilford FP4+ shot with the above combo.


I processed these with a ‘high key’ look that pulls a lot of clean bright areas out of the negative to give the images some punch without them getting to heavy. I’m a big Martin Stavars fan, I guess.

I like this first image because the reflection of the windows makes it look to me like you are looking through a piece of set scenery onto a somewhat distorted treescape behind.


Up next is an image shot under a dark overpass (handheld a 1/8th of a second no less!) that picks out a lot of hidden detail in the stonework and windows. There is something visually arresting about this kind of graceful decay.


Keeping the backstreet theme going, a rather nondescript alleyway that caught my eye because the open door further down has ‘Opium Bar’ rather roughly scratched into it. Which looked a little sinister.

More alleyway, this time majoring on the lead-in lines down the old rough stone street to the bright, shining 60’s office block at the end. I like the range and mix of textures here, everything from rough render to smooth cobbles.

There are a couple more from this set up on Flickr, and the rest of the roll will be featured in another post as I was trying something different with them.


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