Alps on Velvia

Been quiet of late as I (foolishly!) thought it was a good idea to add some part-time postgraduate study to my ever increasing workload. Full-time job + part-time study = no-time photography! But the beast is almost slain and my final paper goes in this week so I can get back to real life once more. I swear if I have to draw one more process map then Things Will Be Thrown.

I’m halfway through a roll of FP4 in my Nikon F for a new pano-film-o-ramic project, but for now here are some Velvia slide scans from the Alps I’ve been meaning to scan again for ages. I posted some similar shots a while back from some 35mm slide film, but these are 645 medium format shot on Fuji Velvia so they are a bit more special.


Shooting slide film like Velvia is infuriating at times, it is properly beautiful when you get it right but not so good when you don’t. I’ve been working back through some old slides recently to re-scan them and try to make a better job of it.


Digital RAW has spoiled me for colour film scanning. Suddenly white balance becomes a real pain as you can’t just move a slider to fix it. I knew there was a good reason for shooting monochrome film!


I think these have worked out Ok, a couple of the images are a bit dark, but any attempt to pull them out of the shadows upsets my scanner. I had to remove a lot of blue colour cast from the images to get the green foregrounds to jump out. This caused all sorts of problems, if I just warm the white balance up I get pink snow, and if i desaturate the blue channel then the sky goes grey. Cue lots of messing about with graduated filter effects.


Luckily Lightroom is pretty good at this and the consistency of film means after getting one of the images working and saving a pre-set the rest were much easier to tackle.


I’ve got a further set from my first photographic trip up to the Isle of Skye when I bought my Bronica. They are proving to be tough going as the conditions were much more changeable so each requires a lot of work and even after that they are not masterpieces. I think I’ll stick to monochrome film from now on and leave the colour to digital. That being said I’ve got a couple of roll of Kodak Ektar to try out.


I’ve got 300 words of conclusion to write on my paper before I can submit it, load up the Tri-X, and have a weekend outside for a change!


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