Isn’t she lovely (my Nikon F)

Isn’t she wonderful. Isn’t she precious.

That’s enough Stevie Wonder. This is my Nikon F.

I’m not going to apologise for the fanboy gushing about the Nikon F the last couple of posts. I’m genuinely smitten. This isn’t the one I wrote about previously, but it’s very similar. And it’s Mine. Hee-hee-hee, spending money is fun.


I had one of those weekends where I was supposed to be studying, but it’s been a decade since university so i’m really not good at applying myself to study on a weekend. So instead I slacked off big time and took a road trip up to the highlands to run a roll through this F to check it all works.


After the flare-fest that was the Nikkor-H-C Auto 50mm F2 that was on the other F body I went and got me a much newer 50/f2 lens with multicoating on the glass that vastly improves performance. I swear that older lens could create flare in a dark room!


I think I’ve got the hang of the light meter now, it still requires the film speed to be down-rated by one stop to account for the different battery voltage and for best results you have to meter from something neutral (like the ground) and then recompose. The slightest hint of a bright sky in the scene gets the meter all overenthusiastic so you need to watch that.


The weather was the usual excellent mix of freezing windchill and horizontal sleet so I wasn’t straying too far from the warmth and shelter of my truck. But still managed some nice compositions although I got the impression from the well trodden path that half of the world probably has the same pictures in their photo albums.


Most of these were shot up on Rannock Moor on the way to Glencoe. It’s an area I like a lot but have never really devoted any time to photographing, usually passing through on my way North up to Skye or somewhere similar. I guess this was just a flying visit, but I consider it a scouting mission ahead of a return trip to devote some proper time in better weather up there.

So there it is. A new (old) camera and lots of fun. One final note, on the inside of the film chamber is a small sticker that hints at the history of this particular camera.

Nikon F - inside sticker

Daytona beach baby! Yeah!


6 thoughts on “Isn’t she lovely (my Nikon F)”

  1. Aome lovely shots! could you enlighten us with a few more details of how you achieved them? Such as the film you used, and how you scanned the negatives?

  2. she is, I receive my in a few days, your post makes me even more eager! thanks for sharing and great blog, I enjoyed my time spent reading and viewing your photography!

    1. Thank you. I hope your F inspires you as much as mine does. I think of all my cameras it is this one that makes me want to pick it up and use it the most. Its a shame to leave such a purposeful camera sitting on the shelf.

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