Agitated? I was livid!

For all it’s good points, film photography has the ability to wind you up.

I’ve been recently shooting some new images as part of a series of posts i’m planning about the differences of shooting film and digital. This involves taking two cameras out exploring and then shooting similar images and comparing the processed results (in a subjective way rather than on just technical merit). So last weekend I found myself in North Berwick for some beachy action with my Yaschica Mat and a Fuji X100 – I’m thinking I’ll call it ‘Retro Vs Classic’.

I scanned the film from the Yashica yesterday.

Yashicamat 124G_FP4+_filmScan_008_processingErrors

Gah. Bloody film. Stupid chemical nonsense. (etc.)

Turns out my new Paterson spiral developing tank requires a bit of a more rigorous technique to create an evenly developed negative and my lazy ‘watching the TV while processing film’ ways are not up to scratch.

The Internet says the flaws are due to improper agitation.

I adjusted the above image to bring out the banding and speckles. I’ve seen the same on my last couple of rolls, but generally only faint and on a few images out of the roll. The image below shows what I could recover from the negative. It’s not exhibition quality, but still gives me something for my first comparison piece.

Yashicamat 124G_FP4+_filmScan_008

Still, at least I know what the problem is (me) and how to fix it (no Top Gear while processing film).


2 thoughts on “Agitated? I was livid!”

  1. Maybe you should try stand developing. Thats easy. With Caffenol I develop Rollei 80s for about 50 mins. Agitate just for the first minute then leave it alone for 49.

    Emily (Low Key Caffenol ii)

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